Short trip to Germany!

So as I didn’t get much racing done this year, however I did get a chance to take myself off on a weekends blast to Germany.

Set off from Rayleigh Essex in the early hours of the morning, a quick blast down to the euro tunnel for a 6:50 am crossing to Calais. Then from Calais, I jumped on several motorways until I got the outskirts of Liège. From there I used a great little app called calimoto which plotted my root down to Mörfelden avoiding all motorways and just picked out the twistiest of routes, the map pack did cost me about £5 for germany but it was 100% worth it!

Calimoto if you haven’t heard is a great app for finding some real twisty roads and lets you avoid the monotonous motorway miles. It took me down some roads that had racetrack quality tarmac, relentless twists and turns it was fantastic! It did also take me done some single-lane tracks that were into suitable but the good roads outweighed the bad! The interface is really good with easy to read maps and the notifications of speed cameras were really handy! The only minor down side was the annoying voice telling me where to go

Heres a screen grab from when I got off the motorway and the twisty roads that were laid ahead for me and a few taken from my phone across my weekend!

Early Start in Rayleigh

Sunrise at Eurotunnel

Some cafe in Germany with a nice view

When I finally reach my destination in Germany and found my friend we grabbed a few drinks and a pizza then grabbed an early night in preparation of what was to come.

Next day we grabbed yet more drinks and headed one town over to small local festival called Trebur Open Air. This was a great little festival held in the grounds of what I can only describe as a huge outdoor swimming pool like area! There was a huge campsite around back where there was heavy drinking and loud music going pretty much 24/7 for at least 4 days. It was mental but awesome I managed to get a few more pictures but most were blurry or not suitable for public consumption


Once I was broken by the festival it was time to start my 14-hour ride back to sunny ol’ England, pretty much done the same journey but in reverse. So a morning made up of twisty roads lots of hills and some mechanical issues. Not sure how but my battery worked its way loose and the bike eventually coughed and spluttered to a halt. Fortunately for me though I broke down just behind a Ducati owners house who come to my rescue despite barely speaking English. Then once I was moving again I stopped off for lunch here Lovely pub/restaurant with extremely friendly staff and great food!

My lunch at said pub!

Shortly after lunch, I jumped back on the motorways and just pushed on to home 😀


Great weekend and I can’t wait to go again next year!

Race Van Insurance (Review)

Hey Guys

Just a little plug from me! if you guys like me have a van purely for transportation of your bike to and from tracks and mechanics then you should really check out

I’ve shopped around a fair bit and for the last year, these guys have come in cheaper than anyone else. Managed to insure my transit for around the £250 mark whereas everyone else was a lot closer to £700.

One of the main perks of this policy other than being incredibly cheap is the “Any Driver over 25+” option. This comes in very handy when your time on track doesn’t quite go to plan and you need someone else to drive your bike home.


**Disclaimer, Not affiliated in any way with Anthony D Evans, just sharing something that helped save money for more tyres!

New Site

Hey Guys

Now we’re done with racing for a bit we’ve had some time to update the site and put in a bit more effort all around. We decided to shift everything across from a pre-made system to putting our own one together. Bear with us whilst we work through a few gremlins but hopefully, this new site will free us up to do a lot more!

Heres a few new T-shirt designs we’re throwing to celebrate the new site! Keep an eye out for more to come!



Click on the right under “Featured items” to take a better look

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Cadwell – Snetterton Endurance

LS2 Arrow C Carbon & Evo Fury Carbon

At the beginning of this season, it dawned on me my old lid was getting very close to retirement age and after surviving several years without my head-butting the tarmac it had earned its rightful place on one of the shelves to gather dust. So when it came to replacing it I was just planning on another AGV or Shark lid as I’ve always found these pretty comfy and a decent fit for my head. However whilst at a bike night during the offseason, a fellow racer (Andy Taylor from RealRoads ) had recently made the jump to LS2 and had just happened to bring it along.

After trying it out for all of about 5 minutes I put an order in myself, well actually I went and ordered two! I hadn’t heard much of ls2 but did know they had a couple of riders scattered throughout the various MotoGP classes, so they should know what they’re doing. The models I bought are both made from carbon fibre and are incredibly light, the padding inside extremely comfy and has a great quality feel. The shells do tend to come up on the small side so whilst being small with Shark and a medium with AGV I’m actually large with LS2.

First time I rode with the LS2 I was extremely impressed! The field of vision felt huge after coming from the AGV, also helmet was so light compared to what I was used to I wasn’t sure I was wearing one! The ventilation is pretty good too, I took mine to Spain with me whilst “winter testing” and with all the vents open my head was kept nice and cool and even when I wasn’t on full throttle down the straight I didn’t feel as if I was boiling alive inside.

Noise is also pretty good from what I can tell however my bike is 104db on its last noise test so I don’t get to hear much wind noise anyway. I have however only used it on track and wind noise isn’t something I’ve really give much attention to.


Some Specs;

Full face helmet
Fibreglass and carbon versions available
SHARP 4 star safety rated
ACU certified
Optically correct class A visor
3 shell sizes
Double-d ring fastener
Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog insert included
Weight 1.35Kg – that’s light

I got both of mine from Rich at Art Rider Training who is an authorised dealer for LS2 and always come highly recommended from anyone that has the pleasure of dealing with them.


P.s If you do get in contact with them let them know you came from here =]