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Bemsee Brands GP – Toby Reynolds

Race report: brands gp round 6

Friday test day went out in the first session felt quite comfortable with the test only being on the Indy. Spinning laps towards the end of the first session the bike started to act up lacking power as id come out on to the straights, for it to only clear itself somewhat.
Session 2 I went out and did half a lap before recognising something for evidently wrong. After help from M Motorsport we established that the exhaust valve had got stuck shut and needed to be ground out đŸ™„. In the meantime, Charlie let me take his GSX-R out for a couple of sessions to see my self up to speed.

The rest of the test day went ok and found myself back down at around the 51 barrier and feeling really happy with the feeling the bike was giving.


Having entered both the mro clubman and rookies this weekend it meant I had 2 qualifying sessions. First time on the gp track I needed all the time I could get went out first in the mro qualifying and found my self at a 1.40 putting me 30th on the grid. Time for a quick fuel up and a drink of water before going back out for the rookies where I put the bike 3rd on the grid.

Race 1 mro 600

Started 30th got beat up the first couple of laps and found I couldn’t really settle first time out in mro was rushing and making stupid mistakes and felt like I took the jump a bit to early after this race.

Race 2 rookie 600

Thanks to Elliot Fricker jumping the start by what can only be described as a country mile đŸ˜˜đŸ˜‚ I got away with the 2 boys Cedric and Elliot but quickly found my self doing the same thing as race 1 and making stupid mistakes through rushing. Brought her home p2

Race 3 mro 600

Got a better start and ended up making a couple of positions up in the first couple corners. I got past a couple of riders in front before setting my sights on the group in front, I eventually caught the group but managed to have a slide out of druids dropping me off the back of the group and I couldn’t make the gap back up.

The 2nd rookie race got moved to the Sunday morning due to timing

Morning warm up went out on wet tyres on a bone dry track the wrong choice and killed them in 2 laps

Rookie race 4

Finished 3rd not really a lot to say about this race just rode around on my own basically đŸ˜‚

Mro race 5

Got away again and ended up in making positions again feeling comfortable on the bike I see the group in front and managed to catch them up one I got onto the back I started to push my way through finally feeling comfortable riding in the packs like this I ended up finish p22 out of 37 and set my pb lap time of a 1.36.8

Rookie race 6

Got a bad start going into turn 1 and 2 in 4th place got a good drive out of druids and regained 3rd. Sat behind Tom Vaughn and Cedric Bloch I soon noticed that I was very comfortable sat in the group of us. Soon Cedric started to pull on Tom so I very quickly decided I needed to get the pass done and catch Cedric back up which I did. Last lap flag came out and I decided the only place I could make the move stick would be druids I committed to the inside into druids and made it stick only to be confronted by 2 backmarkers on the way into graham hill. Yet again rushing it to try get the 2 behind and between me and Cedric I found my self running out of room on the exit of Graham hill and lost 1st place being run onto the kerb and grass by the backmarker. Rejoined and finished 2nd but fair to say I was pretty gutted to of lost it like that.

Race 7 and 8 not very much to report but I was absolutely shattered by this point but still completed the races and finished 3rd in the final rookie race.

Was a good weekend all in all and I had a hell of a lot of support come and visit me over the weekend which was very overwhelming. I’d also like to thank everyone in the garage with us this weekend for there help and pointers in the right direction.

Charlie Morris, Alin Teodorescu,Dale Beanz Thomson, Connor Thomson and James Peake was all very much appreciated

I’d also like to thank

Eagle cargo services for there support
M motorsport
Mss performance for the new fairings
And cps for the new paint job

Roll on Cadwell Park!

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LS2 Arrow C Carbon & Evo Fury Carbon

At the beginning of this season, it dawned on me my old lid was getting very close to retirement age and after surviving several years without my head-butting the tarmac it had earned its rightful place on one of the shelves to gather dust. So when it came to replacing it I was just planning on another AGV or Shark lid as I’ve always found these pretty comfy and a decent fit for my head. However whilst at a bike night during the offseason, a fellow racer (Andy Taylor from RealRoads ) had recently made the jump to LS2 and had just happened to bring it along.

After trying it out for all of about 5 minutes I put an order in myself, well actually I went and ordered two! I hadn’t heard much of ls2 but did know they had a couple of riders scattered throughout the various MotoGP classes, so they should know what they’re doing. The models I bought are both made from carbon fibre and are incredibly light, the padding inside extremely comfy and has a great quality feel. The shells do tend to come up on the small side so whilst being small with Shark and a medium with AGV I’m actually large with LS2.

First time I rode with the LS2 I was extremely impressed! The field of vision felt huge after coming from the AGV, also helmet was so light compared to what I was used to I wasn’t sure I was wearing one! The ventilation is pretty good too, I took mine to Spain with me whilst “winter testing” and with all the vents open my head was kept nice and cool and even when I wasn’t on full throttle down the straight I didn’t feel as if I was boiling alive inside.

Noise is also pretty good from what I can tell however my bike is 104db on its last noise test so I don’t get to hear much wind noise anyway. I have however only used it on track and wind noise isn’t something I’ve really give much attention to.


Some Specs;

Full face helmet
Fibreglass and carbon versions available
SHARP 4 star safety rated
ACU certified
Optically correct class A visor
3 shell sizes
Double-d ring fastener
Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog insert included
Weight 1.35Kg – that’s light

I got both of mine from Rich at Art Rider Training who is an authorised dealer for LS2 and always come highly recommended from anyone that has the pleasure of dealing with them.


P.s If you do get in contact with them let them know you came from here =]